Knowledge base
How can I withdraw the mined coins?
Why is the hashrate lower than the miner shows?
How does PPLNS pool reward system works?
What are Uncle or Orphan blocks? Why is my reward reduced?
What is "Unconfirmed balance"?
How much could I earn with my hashrate?
How to register a cryptocurrency wallet?
Can I use an exchange wallet?
Is it possible to change the minimum payout amount?
The pool luck is more 500%. Is it OK?
Failed to get the money, what should I do?
How to create a .bat file with parameters?
I’ve mined to the wrong wallet, what should I do?
A block couldn’t be found for a long time. Then a powerful miner came and took most of the reward
I quitted the pool just before a block was found but didn’t receive the reward
The farm ceased to operate directly before the block mined
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